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About Brian Wayne Hand "Author/Journalist/Freelance Writer"

Brian Wayne Hand is the author of several novels. He is the former co-owner of the “Blue Martini Pages” magazine and was a contributor to and Vodka Magazine. His screenplay “Come December” won an award for Best International Story at the 2006 Indianapolis LGBT film festival. Crown of the Underworld is his first published novel and the first book in the Noah Chapman Series.

Brian Wayne Hand was born in Des Moines Iowa in 1976. He moved with his family to Phoenix, Arizona when he was 2. After moving to Valparaiso, Indiana for four years, Brian is back in in Arizona, currently calling Mesa Arizona his home.

What readers are saying about Crown of the Underworld

"Crown of the Underworld is an excellent story, great characters & action!" -Eldon Daetweiler

"Crown of the Underworld is a quintessential Indiana Jones-style adventure, with original characters, original scenarios, enough ties to real history to make it relate-able and enough fantasy to make it a thoroughly enjoyable read!  Pure entertainment." -Jennifer Kirk